Natural Resources Management Conference 13-15 April 2012

A common direction - Natural Resources Management as a solution!

We want to gather citizens, politicians, activists, associations and companies that want to meet on issues of sustainable natural resource management as a way to convert our society towards a more environmentally sustainable and economically sustainable future. We meet a few days to discuss natural resource management as a solution, how we can influence policy, exchange ideas and experiences and have opportunities to initiate collaborations.

Today's conventional management practices are creating monoculture plantations of the Swedish forests and deplete biodiversity while timber quality deteriorates. Alternative methods are given no attention, although they can provide both environmental and economic benefits.

Today`s agriculture provides us with cheap food, but also a wide range of problems such as the eutrophication of lakes and seas, adverse impact on the climate, soil impoverishment, nutrient-poor food and distribution of chemicals from pesticides. We lose our power over production to economic interests that neither takes nature into account or social justice.

Through the conference we want to recognize and realize a small-scale climatical, biological and socially sustainable natural resource management as a solution to the problems encountered by today's natural resources management. The goal is to work out a plan on how we can work together to advance the political demands we have for us to create a production and processing of food and other natural resources that make up a living countryside, protect the environment and our children's future.

This is the third conference in the same direction with the theme "Reclaiming power over food and natural use." The two previously held in Ransby (Värmland) in 2010 and in Ramsele (Ångermanland) 2011.

Let us breathe new life into the political man - Homo Politicus!


The conference will take place between Friday 13th to Sunday 15th of April in connection with the International Day of Peasant's Struggle which is on April 17.


The conference will be held in Ockelbo in Sweden.

Local organizers

Art and landscape, group of local organizers.

Supporting organizations

Jordens vänner, MST stödförening, Latinamerikagrupperna.


Read more about the previous conferences here and here and look at pictures here.

Read the petition invited to Ransby here and the statement from the conference here

Read the document from Ramsele here.

Read also Nipakademins contribution to the process "Agriculture as a solution" and "The principles of sustainability - sustainable relationships".

Friends of the Earth have put together an anthology of our movement that can be ordered here.


Already, we want to sow a seed and ask you to consider if you in your local community or your gang of activists may be those who take up the baton for the 2013 conference.

Sustainable relationships

Relationships need time, care and continuity to become good relationship. One of the goals we have in working with the natural resources management conference is to satisfy these conditions.

Global justice

Natural Resources Management Conference 2012 is a member of the network for global justice.


Send an email to if you want to register to the conference and we will send you instructions.